Why we exist

Overcoming the problems of coordinating at-home care

For too long, older people living at home (and their carers and families) have been left to navigate their own way through the maze of Aged Care services on offer. With many finding themselves completely lost in the complex process of putting all the non-medical support they need in place in the correct combination, at just the right time, in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.

Self-funded retirees, in particular, face difficulties with accessing support from the publicly funded aged care system. Since July 2015, they’ve been forced to pay extra fees by the subsidised community care sector; and from March 2017 a new prioritisation system will apply to accessing Commonwealth subsidised aged care services.

Historically, GPs and practice nurses have also had no real way to professionally assist patients with accessing and implementing the full mix of at-home care they’ve identified is required.

The new AgeSmart service has been specially set up to overcome these problems – and now provides all parties with a much needed means of benefitting from the expert provision and management of comprehensive coordinated care.

It’s what we specialise in and why we exist.

Our people

  • Wayne-Kinrade

    Wayne Kinrade

    Managing Director

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  • HMA_ClareHowell10963highresB&W

    Clare Howell

    Co-ordinating Nurse Manager

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  • HMA_profiles28490

    Hannah Hogarth

    Chief of Operations

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