Practice Nurses

In the past, a Health Assessment of 75-year-old patients only allowed you to assist with medical issues.

Now you can comprehensively address their broader care needs.

Within the cdmNet care plan for patients over the age of 75, you will notice the addition of a new goal and series of tasks that allow you to address the non-medical needs of the patient.

It may be that a patient requires assistance with managing their financial affairs, organising a will or power of attorney, or having an Advanced Care Plan put in place.

From discussions with the patient, it may be apparent they would benefit from receiving support with paying bills, accessing transport, or coping with day-to-day living activities.

Or it may become clear they need improved links to services for the maintenance and enhancement of their functional capacity.

Whatever the case is, alerting each patient’s GP to your professional findings is now simple.

Just a tick of a few boxes is all it takes

The completed Care Plan Health Assessment will now enable the patient’s GP to properly review non-medical issues and make an informed decision on referring their patient directly to AgeSmart – the only specialist company in Australia equipped to expertly coordinate and manage the provision of a full spectrum of quality care at-home services.

Please note: The patient fee for a comprehensive Care Plan by AgeSmart is $950.