For the first time ever, GPs can offer older patients holistic support – not just the best of medical care.

As a GP who regularly treats older patients living at home, you’ll know their overall wellness, independence and quality of life is often affected by non-medical matters.

Perhaps you wish there was more you could do to provide them with broader holistic help.

Now a professional avenue exists for you to offer patients access to a full spectrum of non-medical support.

AgeSmart: A new premium path to coordinated care

AgeSmart is the only specialist company in Australia equipped to expertly coordinate and manage the provision of quality at-home care services.

Importantly, our service is also geared to keeping all GPs fully informed of their patients’ AgeSmart Care Plan status every step of the way for proactive review online at any time, or to discuss with patients.

You may consider a patient is in need of assistance with managing their financial affairs, organising a will or power of attorney, putting an Advanced Care Plan in place, receiving support with paying bills or accessing transport, coping with daily living activities, or links to services for the maintenance and improvement of their functional capacity.

Addressing the various non-medical and complex care needs of your patients is now as simple as a quick referral to AgeSmart.

Your options for gaining access to AgeSmart

  • Existing Precedence cdmNet user: You will have immediate and automatic access to the new AgeSmart service without needing to change existing software or make any financial outlay. Importantly, AgeSmart now forms part of the cdmNet screen you use to conduct annual Care Plan Health Assessments for patients aged 75+, making it simple to refer older people to the full range of quality care services we offer.
  • Interested in using cdmNet: This clinically proven (and affordable) Precedence software can be readily downloaded and integrated into the desktop systems of most practices to improve patient outcomes and to easily collaborate with care plan service providers. To find out if yours is one of them, simply call 03 9023 0800 or visit for full details.
  • Not interested in using cdmNet: If you’re unable to take advantage of the cdmNet online service, but still wish to be kept ‘in the loop’ on all the non-medical services being provided to your patients, AgeSmart can still regularly update you via email, fax or post.

Please note: The patient fee for a comprehensive Care Plan by AgeSmart is $950.