At-home Clients

AgeSmart makes it simple to put the at-home care you need in place.

AgeSmart is the only specialist company in Australia equipped to expertly assess, coordinate and manage the provision of all quality care services you may require to comprehensively meet your individual needs.

We make the whole process of arranging the right at-home help at the right time simple for you and stress-free for your family.

We’ll help you cut through the complex array of service choices available, pinpoint the most appropriate mix of care for your personal situation, prioritise the order of when each different service will be needed, and correctly gauge your Care Plan’s affordability upfront.

We’ll create and implement a comprehensive Care Plan that’s specially tailored to your needs, sensitive to your personal beliefs and wishes, and based on a thorough assessment of the best quality services available in the area you live.

We’ll ensure you have full access to all government-subsidised entitlements that allow you to minimise costs.

Should your need for multiple services increase over time, we can make certain that all necessary care changes are made to support and maximise your wellness, independence and quality of life.

AgeSmart even enables your GP to access up-to-date information on all non-medical and allied health services you’re receiving at any given stage to proactively review online, or discuss with you in person.

To further set your mind at rest, if you have a query on any aspect of Aged Care at any stage, you’ll have a direct line to your own dedicated AgeSmart Care Coordinator – a skilled practice nurse or occupational therapist who not only fully understands how the system works, but truly cares about your welfare.