The Many Benefits of Stay-at-home Care in Melbourne

As people age, they naturally require new levels of care. Even individuals who have always been highly independent can begin to need more assistance after a hospital stay, with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, or just because of the natural ageing process. When this happens, one of the issues often discussed is whether the individual should move into residential care or continue to live at home. When certain medical needs exist, residential care offers safe solutions. However, in many cases, it is better for the person to remain at home.

Ageing at Home – a Nursing Home Alternative

With rehabilitation becoming the goal more often than long-term care in nursing homes, it may be more difficult than it once was for ageing people to find affordable yet high-quality facilities. However, it isn’t difficult to find high-quality in-home care, especially with the help of AgeSmart. AgeSmart coordinates stay at home care in Melbourne for individuals who need assistance to remain in their homes but don’t need to – or don’t wish to – make the shift to residential care. Melbourne home care services are valuable because living at home means that the person can stay in familiar surroundings and near friends and family in the community.

Stay at home care addresses the problems faced by older individuals who are making the decision to live at home. Home care options can be less expensive than residential care. It can also be customised more readily to the needs of each unique individual. For example, if a person needs only a few hours of help a day to bathe, dress, and prepare a meal, they can get (and pay for) only that amount of help. Likewise, someone who needs more extensive help can get as much as they need and still be able to live at home.

Finding ways for an aged person who wants to stay at home to do so also provides other benefits, such as less stress, better mental health, respect for your dignity, and a higher quality of life. Many aged people may not be able to stay at home without home care services in place, but with the right care, they are often able to remain in their homes longer and enjoy all the benefits of this arrangement.

How AgeSmart Helps with Home Care in Melbourne

When a client is assessed and deemed in need of home care, they will be eligible to receive subsidised services – but first, they will go on a waitlist for many months, after which they will receive basic home care services. Usually AgeSmart can organise home care immediately, assessing an individual’s specific needs and coordinating the appropriate services straight away. Contact AgeSmart today to see how this one-of-a-kind service can improve your loved one’s quality of life and allow them to enjoy their independence for as long as possible.

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