Is Stay-at-home Care in Manningham the Right Choice for You?

Rather than moving into a residential care facility, many older individuals prefer to live at home for as long as they can. This may be a good choice for you if you need limited to moderate assistance with activities of daily living and enjoy having your network of friends and family nearby. Here are some things to consider when making the decision about Manningham home care versus a long-term care facility.

Is Home Care in Manningham Right for Me?

Wanting to stay at home as you grow older is natural. Looking at the big picture can help you decide whether this is truly the right choice for you. Often, decisions to leave home are made suddenly after an emergency or sudden loss, and these adjustments can be difficult and painful. Consider your budget and all your options when making your decision. Some other things to consider include:

What Services Can Help You Stay at Home?

You may be accustomed to handling everything yourself, but as your circumstances change, it’s useful to be aware of all the different services that may be of help. An outside provider can handle household maintenance such as laundry, shopping, and handyman services, as well as transportation, personal care such as dressing, bathing, and cooking. A care provider can also assist with non-health-related services such as legal and financial advice.

If you find that you need multiple services, and coordinating them seems overwhelming, AgeSmart can help. AgeSmart is a new, unique service that helps older adults stay at home as long as they possibly can through the organisation and management of various home support service providers. We can also bridge the gap and get you the assistance you require straight away should you find yourself on a long waitlist for government-subsidised assistance. To learn more about how we can help you find and put in place the services you need to remain in your home, call us on 1800 739 363 or fill out our online enquiry form to book an assessment.

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