Do You Need Stay-at-home Care in Brighton? How AgeSmart’s Care Coordination Service Can Help

There are numerous stay at home care options in Brighton, but navigating the maze of providers is overwhelming, and older people living at home, their families and carers have been left on their own to do so for too long. People often find themselves lost in this complex process that involves determining the right mix of Brighton home support services and putting these services in place at the right time in the most cost-efficient way. Self-funded retirees have a particularly hard time accessing support from the publicly funded home care system, as they now must pay full fees as of March 2017, and will be subject to a new prioritisation system that places them on a national waiting list. Also, GPs and practice nurses have had no effective way to assist their patients with the non-medical home care services they need.

How AgeSmart Addresses These Problems

The new AgeSmart service has been designed specifically to overcome problems such as the ones listed above. AgeSmart provides all parties with an easily accessible means of benefitting from professional provision and management of comprehensive, coordinated care. There are few, if any, stay at home care in Brighton such as AgeSmart. This unique service is modelled after the highly effective and beneficial coordinated care services in the areas of mental health, disability, and veterans. Now older adults can enjoy the same benefits of having a personal care coordinator on their side to handle the organisation and management of multiple care services, determined by a complete needs assessment and designed within a comprehensive care plan to address each client’s specific needs on a personalised level.

“Care coordination” refers to the organisation of care by multiple service providers to ensure the addressing of all your support needs. When you meet with an AgeSmart care coordinator, the first thing that will take place is a thorough assessment of your individual needs. These needs might include personal care services, home help services, or even non-health-related services such as financial or legal advice. We then source and contract service providers for you, putting in place the right combination of care services at the right time. Finally, after four weeks, we’ll perform a quality review to ensure that you are getting everything you need and to determine if any adjustments in your care should be made for your optimal satisfaction and quality of life.

Let AgeSmart Arrange Your Stay-at-home Care in Brighton

Finding the right home care in Brighton can be the difference between being able to stay in your familiar home for much longer and being forced to move out. AgeSmart helps you take control of your choices by giving you more independence and allowing you to live where you want for as long as you possibly can. Our services are available to aged adults and their families and carers throughout Victoria. We strive to reduce the worry and complexity of sorting out what services you need and how to access them as well as keeping your GP informed about the services you are using. We’ll also ensure that you have access to all relevant subsidised entitlements. For more information about how AgeSmart can simplify your life, contact us today.

Finding Elderly Care Services in Brighton

Providers of Brighton elderly care services and other service providers use both types of activities of daily living as a baseline to create care plans, set costs, and determine appropriate levels of care. Being unable to perform all the activities of daily living independently does not necessarily mean that a person can no longer live at home. There are many options for elderly care in Brighton. Unfortunately, after concluding that a client needs subsidised home care, the client goes on a waitlist that can take months before being authorised to access that care package. AgeSmart bridges this gap and makes it possible for many aged individuals to stay at home longer by helping them and their families or carers arrange and coordinate necessary care services – even including non-medical assistance such as legal or financial services. AgeSmart is the only service of its kind in Australia and is available to individuals throughout Victoria. Care coordination through AgeSmart includes a thorough needs assessment, service provider sourcing, and the contracting of service providers. Contact us today to find out how much simpler Brighton home care can be.

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