How we work

The four steps to creating each comprehensive Care Plan

Whether you’re an older person who is referred to us by your GP, or whether you (or your carer) have contacted us direct for assistance, our approach to creating a comprehensive Care Plan that is tailored to your exact needs remains the same.

Step #1: Conducting a Client Needs Assessment

The care process begins with an appointment to meet with your personal AgeSmart Care Coordinator, a registered practice nurse or occupational therapist, at your nominated address.

This Needs Assessment visit will take approximately 1 hour and is designed to help us fully understand your non-medical requirements in preparation for us to then develop a comprehensive Care Plan to your individual at-home situation.

We encourage all prospective clients to have a carer and/or family member present. Not just for moral support, but to actively participate in the important discussions we’ll have concerning your welfare.

Step #2: Sourcing of Service Providers

This is all about us identifying which quality service providers (and in what combination) best meet your various comprehensive care needs, and includes a thorough examination of where you may be able to minimise costs through qualifying for ‘means tested’ government-subsidised entitlements.

In developing each tailored AgeSmart Care Plan, we have no vested interest in promoting any particular service. The expert advice we provide is completely independent, sensitive to your personal beliefs and wishes, and based on carefully researched knowledge of the best services available in the area you live.

Step #3: Connection to Service Providers

Once the preferred non-medical services have been found, AgeSmart makes all the arrangements necessary to put you in touch with selected providers and ensure that the implementation of the health, support and professional services you require takes place in just the right order at just the right time.

Step #4: Performing a Review

To make certain that all at-home clients and their carers are fully satisfied with the quality (and value) of the services being provided through their comprehensive Care Plan, AgeSmart conducts a thorough review after four weeks.

How much does the AgeSmart service cost?

As you’ll appreciate, nothing of true and lasting worth is ever free and the AgeSmart service is no exception.

A fee of $950 applies for performing the four comprehensive Care Plan steps above, and this will become payable in full once we finalise and present our proposed Care Plan to you. In most cases, this will be around one week after your assessment visit.

It’s important to note that within our fee (and at no additional cost to clients), the AgeSmart service is geared to keeping all GPs fully informed and up-to-date with the status of their patients’ comprehensive Care Plan to proactively review online at any time, or personally discuss with patients.