How to Talk to Your Ageing Parents about Getting Elderly Care Services on the Mornington Peninsula

It can be hard to acknowledge the fact that your ageing parent now needs some assistance with their activities of daily living. The idea of hiring professional elderly care services on the Mornington Peninsula can be even more difficult to process. Your parents are likely to respond to this suggestion with a certain amount of resistance. However, you and your parents can both successfully navigate this topic when you approach it with tact and patience. If you’re wondering how to bring up the subject of Mornington Peninsula elderly care services with your parents, here are some ideas to consider.

Emphasise the advantages

Focus on the positive aspects of home care by making it desirable to your loved ones. Benefits include being able to remain at home, avoiding residential care as long as possible, and receiving one-on-one attention when their carer is there.

Focus on independence

Explain how obtaining support at home provides an opportunity for your parents to maintain their independence. Try painting a visual picture. For example, if they have fallen before, explain what could happen if they fall again: potential broken bones, hospitalisation, and a long recovery. You could use the same method if they forget to take medications or miss doctor appointments.

Make it about them

If your parents still live together, try pointing out to one of them how much at-home care would benefit their partner. Even if home care benefits them both equally, they may be more receptive to the idea for the sake of their spouse.

Suggest a trial basis

Try obtaining elderly care on the Mornington Peninsula on a short-term basis for recovery care or after a hospital stay. This gives them a chance to see that having a carer is not something to fear but rather something that is helpful and relieves their burdens. Alternatively, when you are going on a holiday, use the opportunity to bring in a professional carer while you are gone, explaining that this choice is for your peace of mind.

Consult AgeSmart for advice on elderly care services on the Mornington Peninsula

Even if your parents are receptive to the idea that they need at-home assistance, you may find it overwhelming to coordinate and manage these services. AgeSmart can help. Keep in mind that even if they have been assessed and deemed in need of home care, there will still be a waitlist period before they can receive subsidised services. This wait time can be many months, which may be too long for them to continue to live on their own. AgeSmart bridges the gap by creating a care plan and coordinating the needed services immediately. It’s our goal to help older individuals maximise their independence and quality of life and enjoy living in their own homes as long as possible.

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