How AgeSmart Is Helping People Access the Elderly Care Services They Need in Melbourne

If you have older loved ones who need non-medical help to live on their own at home, AgeSmart can help. AgeSmart is a new premium service designed to help older people and their families and carers access the exact combination of elderly care in Melbourne they need, when they need it. We help by professionally coordinating a range of non-medical support, including powers of attorney, wills, advanced care plans, and top-up health services and community care. We can also keep GPs informed on all aspects of the various services their patients are receiving, along with helping our clients minimise costs by ensuring that they maximise their access to government-subsidised entitlements.

Overcoming At-home Care Coordination Problems

Many older people and their families and carers find themselves lost in the maze of aged care services. Left to navigate the complex process of finding and putting in place all the non-medical support they need in the most cost-efficient and effective way, many find themselves frustrated and exhausted. Self-funded retirees, in particular, have to pay full fees for their services.

This group of retirees has been forced to pay extra fees since July 2015. From March 2017, they will be placed on a national waiting list for care, which can take many months. Furthermore, GPs have historically had no effective way to help their patients access the full range of Melbourne elderly care services they need. AgeSmart offers innovative solutions by providing all parties with professional management of comprehensive, coordinated care.

How AgeSmart Works

When you contact AgeSmart (whether you need assistance yourself or you are a carer or family member of someone who does), our goal is to tailor a comprehensive Care Plan that fits your exact needs. First, we conduct a thorough assessment of your needs. Then, we identify what service providers best meet these needs as well as ways to minimise costs. We provide independent advice without promoting any particular provider or service. Next, we connect you to the appropriate service providers, making arrangements to put you in touch with them and ensuring that you receive the right health and support services when you need them. Finally, we will make sure that you are fully satisfied with the value and quality of the services provided by conducting a thorough review after a few weeks.

Looking in Melbourne for Elderly Care Services?

AgeSmart is equipped to coordinate a full range of services to address each client’s individual needs. These services may include non-health professional services such as legal or financial advice; patient support services such as transport, bill payment, or family education; support for activities of daily living including continence management or delivered meals; and non-subsidised allied health services such as physiotherapy or occupational therapy.

To book an appointment for an assessment or to discuss how we can help you access elderly care services in Melbourne, please give us a call on 1800 739 363 or fill out our convenient online enquiry form today.

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