Do You Need a Will? AgeSmart Can Help with a Care Plan on the Mornington Peninsula

If you have assets, you need a will. It isn’t necessary that your assets be substantial, either. Disputes over assets are extremely common – even assets of little financial worth. Disputes such as these can be costly to an estate if court involvement becomes necessary. Also – more importantly – these disputes can cause friction in interfamily relationships.

Reasons you need a will include:

AgeSmart coordinates at-home care for aged individuals. We can coordinate a wide range of services, including assistance with activities of daily living, transportation, legal services, and more. When you meet with an AgeSmart representative to create a care plan on the Mornington Peninsula, you will discuss your specific needs and ensure that they are all covered by your comprehensive care plan. If you don’t have a will, this is one of the many services we can coordinate. Let AgeSmart create your personalised care plan on the Mornington Peninsula today.

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