Your AgeSmart Care Plan in Melbourne Includes Keeping Your GP Informed

If you are a GP treating older patients who live at home, then you are familiar with how non-medical matters can affect certain aspects of their care such as their overall wellness, quality of life, and level of independence. It may be that you wish there were more you could do to provide them with added alternatives for holistic help. Now, for the first time, you can.

AgeSmart offers a professional avenue for you to offer your patients access to the non-medical support they need. Age Smart is the only company of its kind in Australia. We are equipped to coordinate and manage the provision of quality home care services. This new premium path to coordinated care is geared toward keeping GPs informed of each patient’s AgeSmart care plan in Melbourne for proactive online review or discussion with your patients.

If you have patients who need assistance with non-medical matters such as organising a will, managing their finances, or coping with activities of daily living, AgeSmart provides a way for you to connect them with the services they require, improving their quality of life and allowing them to maintain their independence as long as possible.

GPs have many options for gaining access to AgeSmart, including cdmNet, email, fax, or post. As a GP, you are no longer limited to providing the best in medical care – now you can address your patients’ multifaceted needs with a simple referral to AgeSmart and their services for creating a comprehensive care plan in Melbourne.

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