Who Benefits from AgeSmart’s Coordination of Aged Care Services on the Mornington Peninsula?

Are you in need of aged care services on the Mornington Peninsula? AgeSmart makes it easy to access the assistance you or your loved ones need. The only company of our kind in Australia, we assess clients’ needs and then coordinate and manage a personalised range of care services. Here’s a look at who we help and how.

Our Clients

Finding the assistance you need can be stressful and overwhelming. We take the stress out of the process by arranging the right services at the right time. We can help you navigate the complex array of choices, identify the most appropriate ones for your unique situation, and accurately gauge the affordability of your Care Plan. With sensitivity to your wishes and beliefs, we’ll design a Care Plan tailored specifically to your needs. We’ll also ensure that you have full access to all subsidised entitlements that help you minimise costs. We’ll even make it possible for your GP to access up-to-date information on your non-medical health services at any stage. When you manage your aged care on the Mornington Peninsula through AgeSmart, you’ll also have your own dedicated Care Coordinator – an occupational therapist or practice nurse who truly cares about your welfare and fully understands how the system works.

Families and Carers

If you are a family member or carer of someone who requires aged care services, you may find yourself responsible for putting at-home care in place, but have little knowledge of how to do so. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know even where to start, let alone how to truly act in the best interests of the person in your care. Now, you can turn to AgeSmart for assistance through every step of the process. The Care Plan we’ll help create for your loved one will be tailored to his or her specific needs; we’ll also help you prioritise the order of when each service is needed the most. Should your loved one’s needs for multiple services increase over time, we can ensure that appropriate changes are made to support and maximise your loved one’s independence, quality of life, and overall well-being.


With AgeSmart, GPs can now offer their older patients holistic support in addition to medical care. If you are a GP with older patients who live at home, you’re aware that non-medical matters can significantly affect their overall wellness. AgeSmart provides a new avenue for you to offer a full spectrum of non-medical support to your aged patients. Our service focuses in part on keeping GPs informed of their patients’ Care Plan status for proactive online review or to discuss with the patients or their families or carers. For example, you may have a patient whom you consider in need of assistance managing their financial affairs, coping with activities of daily living, or organising a power of attorney. Now, you can address these needs. For GPs on the Mornington Peninsula, aged care just got a little easier. Contact AgeSmart for more information.

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