What to Do If Your Loved One Needs Aged Care Services in Brighton

Do you have ageing loved ones about whom you’ve started to worry recently? Maybe you’ve noticed that their home is not as clean as it once was, or that they are not bathing as frequently as they used to. Or maybe you’ve noticed that there does not seem to be enough food in the fridge, or perhaps they have fallen or left a pan burning on the stove.

Watching loved ones lose the ability to care for themselves can be painful and frightening. Sometimes, the decline happens gradually; other times, a sudden change in health or a recent fall can trigger problems. Whatever the reason, if you’re concerned about safety, it’s important to talk to your loved ones about solutions.

How to Talk to Your Loved One about Aged Care Services in Brighton

The way you approach the subject of needing aged care in Brighton can have an impact on how your loved ones receive your concern. If your loved ones seem resistant to the idea, try to determine the real reasons for the resistance, such as fear or grief. Try to keep the focus on your concerns, and don’t accuse.

Be sure to respect your loved ones’ autonomy. Unless they are incapacitated, remember that the final decision regarding their care is up to them. You can still help, however, by offering ideas and suggestions, such as what home care services you think might be useful. Consider suggesting that they try home care on a temporary basis as opposed to a permanent solution. This can show them how helpful it can be to have someone come in on a regular basis to do things they might need help with, such as cooking and cleaning.

What If Your Loved Ones Are Incapable of Making Decisions?

Are you concerned that your loved ones are in danger? For example, someone with memory problems that are worsening may forget to turn off the stove or may get lost even in familiar places. If you can, bring this up before they reach the level of incapacity. It’s a difficult conversation to have, but with the right care and attention, they can often continue to live at home longer and enjoy an optimal quality of life.

Contacting AgeSmart is a great first step that can help you understand just what your options are for aged care services in Brighton. We help older adults stay at home as long as possible by assessing their non-medical needs and coordinating the home care services they require. We understand the importance of finding ways for ageing individuals to stay in familiar surroundings as long as they can, as well as the importance of support for family members and carers. If your loved ones need personal care or even other types of assistance such as legal advice, or if they don’t want to use subsidised entitlements or find themselves on a long waitlist but need help now, contact AgeSmart. We can organise the right combination of Brighton aged care services at the right time, allowing your loved ones to live at home as long as possible.

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